Introducing an Important Néw Blog

Linda McNeil of Rice University has started a new blog that you should read regularly. Linda is a respected scholar of high-stakes testing and its inequitable effects. Read this paper, for example, “Avoidable Losses,” which she co-authored.

She writes:

“I want to personally invite you to visit my new blog, Educating All Our Children. This project is my response to the need I perceive for a place to bring people together around the issues of public schooling, equity and high-stakes testing. I am reaching out to you, a group that feels as passionate about equality in our schools as I do. Many of you have already shown me much support in conceptualizing this blog, for which I am very grateful.

“I have a tag line for my blog: Bringing together research, analysis, advocacy and community on behalf of the public’s schools. I’m writing in part to ask you to help me with this goal by sending me important links, leads, new stories and information that I can use to advance the movement. I would also ask that you forward, share and circulate my posts with people who share our interests. I’m not on Facebook (yet), but you can add me on Blogger and Google+ and subscribe by email to my blog.

“Thanks again for all your support over the years, and I look forward to your participation in my new venture. I hope you will visit regularly and comment often.”

Here is a sample of one of her recent posts.


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