Staples Back to School Deals Week of 7/5

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2-Pocket Folders $0.15 (Limit 30 per customer)

12 Inch Wood Ruler $0.35 (Limit 30 per customer)

Staples Glue with Glue Stick $0.50 (Limit 30 per customer)

Staples Composition Book 100 Sheets $0.50 (Limit 30 per customer)

Staples Filler Paper 120 Sheets $0.75 (Limit 30 per customer)

Crayola Markers and Colored Pencils 10-12 Pack $0.97 each (Limit 30 per customer)

Bic Pens and Mechanical Pencils 5-10 Pack $1 (Limit 30 per customer)

Pentel Hi-Polymer White Handheld Erasers 3-Pack $0.75 LIMIT 5

BIC White-Out Correction Fluid $1 LIMIT 5

Stapels Acel 1-Subject Notebook $2

Lexars S50 USB Flash Drive 2.0 $7.99

Buy a Backpack and get 25% off School Supplies

Case-It Zipper Binders 20-25% Off

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