Jaime Franchi: Why New York’s Opt Out Movement is not Going Away

Jaime Franchi of the Long Island Press has established a reputation for in-depth reporting on education. She does it again, with a comprehensive analysis of New York’s opt out movement.

After the historic opt out of 2015, where some 240,000 students did not take the tests, Governor Cuomo made a concerted effort to tamp down parent anger. He appointed a task force to make recommendations about the Common Core standards and tests, which John King had botched. He promised that the tests would have no stakes for students or teachers, at least for a while. The state commissioner took steps to alternately warn and placate parents.

Despite the efforts to court parents, the opt out leaders decided they were being played. They thought the moves by Cuomo were a facade. And they determined to continue their fight in 2016.

No one knows whether there will be more or less or the same number of opt outs. What matters is that parents across the state realize that there is power in numbers. They cannot be ignored.


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